Matthew & Amanda’s Squaw Valley Engagement Session

Matthew and Amanda’s Squaw Valley Engagement Session has me so excited! These two are so nice and so much fun! They knew exactly where they wanted to take their engagement photos and when I heard where, I was so thrilled! Location is so important for any portrait session and Squaw Valley was a perfect pick.

It has been a handful of years since my last visit to the Village at Squaw Valley, so I was very excited to walk around with the bride and groom-to-be. This was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better, too. They showed me all around and told me all sorts of fun things to do. Including one restaurant that has a 4lb burger, Rocker@Squaw. This would be perfect for sharing with friends! Plus, Matthew knew his ski history and had some fun facts for me!

After enjoying the Village and making sure we hit everywhere we were ready to head out along the meadow. The fence that lines the meadow has a rustic feel and this area has always been a favorite location for these two.  I couldn’t agree more!

Congratulations Matthew & Amanda on your engagement. Thank you for the awesome session, I look forward to capturing your wedding day this summer!

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