Anai & Christopher’s Northern California Wedding

Anai & Christopher’s wedding day was so exciting. Filled with so many traditions and surprises the entire day went by so quick. Being of the Catholic faith, St John the Baptist Catholic Church was the perfect place for these two to become husband and wife. Surrounded by their family, friends and in the eyes of god it was a beautiful ceremony. Reception was to follow at the Chico Women’s Club just down the way. This was truly an outstanding Northern California wedding celebration!

We started the day off at Anai & Christopher’s home to get the bride into her wedding gown. Mom was there and ready to help. Both mom and Anai had their hair and makeup already done – Seela David Salon did a fabulous job. I loved capturing mother helping daughter get into her gown. I commented on how Mom knew exactly what to do and she replied, “Of course I do, I am her mother.” It was beyond sweet! Anai was absolutely radiant!

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Quickly, it was time to get to the steps of the church. The groom and his groomsmen were there, ready to get their boutonnieres pinned. They looked awesome with their superhero cufflinks and tie clips. Christopher, of course Captain America. After a few pictures of the guys on the steps of the church it was time to start letting people in to be seated.

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As the church pews filled up with guests, the ceremony began. I was in awe with all the traditions. Opening the ceremony, the priest said some words then there were several readings from the bible performed by members in the bridal party. Padrinos & Madrinas, godparents, presented Anai & Christopher with different gifts. At this point, the Bride & Groom would present the Virgin Mary with a gift of flowers while “Ave Maria” was being played on the organ. This was such a special moment as everyone was watching and praying with this amazing couple. To end the ceremony, the marriage license was signed and the entire crowd yelled “beso” for them to have their first kiss as husband and wife.

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Bubbles were waiting for the couple as they exited the church. This was a good opportunity for us to get a photo with as many people as possible, too. As all the guests gathered on the steps of the church you could really see all the love that was there supporting this duo! Once the steps cleared we were able to go back into the church to take some romantics of the newlyweds.

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After gathering up everyone for bridal party, family photos and eating an amazing dinner (taco bar!) it was time for the reception events to begin. Special guest appearance by Ron Burgundy (well, a cardboard cutout) and with DJ styling by DJ C-Los Entertainment – the party was ready to go! All the traditional wedding events were there: 1st dances, cake cutting, toasts. A few more traditions were included into this reception: La Vibora and Money Dance, where the money was pinned to form a tail on the groom and on the brides veil. Both are always so much fun!

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At the end of the night, this fantastic Northern California wedding was filled with great entertainment and so many fun, magical moments to capture. Congratulations to the newlyweds!


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