Lovelock, Nevada Wedding – Thomas & Amber’s Wedding Day

Thomas & Amber’s wedding day was the perfect Nevada wedding. With all the help of family and friends their ceremony and reception sites were ready. Every detail was handmade, which really showed all the love that went into their day. Including the benches at the ceremony site, made out of tree stumps and planks of wood. The view from the ceremony site showed off the beauty of Nevada, with wide open views and mountains surrounding us, making this the perfect location for a Lovelock, Nevada Wedding!

This would be the second time photographing in Lovelock. The first time was for their engagement photos. It didn’t disappoint! With a super fun group and beautiful setting, we were set! Amber was gorgeous in her white wedding gown and white veil with beaded crystals along the edges and all the ladies rocked cowboy boots. The men were looking sharp in grey with grey vests with white long sleeve shirts. Plus the groom’s tie, grey, was a different color than his groomsmen’s, blue, so he would stand out.

Come ceremony time everybody was ready¬†for action. This group was so ready to get married it was the quickest ceremony! With the bride being given away by her son, who also delivered¬†the rings, there was plenty of time for people to get tears in their eyes. It was so special to see these two say “I-Do” in front of all their loved ones!

Reception was very relaxed, a backyard bbq. The uncle of the groom had a smoke pit going for food and everyone was ready to eat! We got a taste and wow was it delicious! When the cake was cut and as the sun started to go down and the dance floor cooled off, it was time for 1st dance as husband and wife. Of course with the help of me asking, it ended with a fabulous dip!

As the sun began to set, I grabbed the newlyweds for a few images of the sun falling behind the mountains. What a perfect way to end our time together! Congratulations to the newlyweds, I loved capturing your day.

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