Samantha & JD’s Vintage Garden Wedding

Samantha & JD were married in Chico, CA at Canyon Oaks Country Club. Friends and family traveled from as far as Alabama to celebrate. The beautiful venue was the perfect location for these two to have their vintage garden wedding. After spending time with this duo at their engagement session, I knew their day was going to be nothing short of stunning!

The handmade details really made this day unique. A vintage doorway leading into their ceremony site and handmade wood planter boxes as centerpieces on their reception tables were just a few creative ideas Samantha & JD put together. The alternating colors for the bridal party was also a fantastic touch. I was in love with their color palette choice! To top off all the amazing details the groomsmen were wearing superhero cufflinks and the bridesmaids wore aviator sunglasses. Both were gifts from the bride and groom to the bridal party members for being a part of their day!

Makeup began early at the Powder Room, then hair at Chico Color Bar. Everyone else met at the venue to get ready. It quickly became time to get Samantha in her gown – she looked stunning. After taking photos of the guys and girls outside, it was time for Samantha & JD to do their 1st seeing. We thought the doorway would be the perfect place to do this. It was so touching as Samantha walked up on her groom and when he saw her in her gown his smile was giant, it was so sweet to capture!

3:30 came and guests started to arrive. It was a hot summer day for Chico, luckily there was some shade and a slight breeze blowing thru. The heat did not matter – the wedding was perfect! Samantha being escorted by her grandfather was such a touching moment as he gave her away. And the unity ceremony with two flowers – one from JD’s mother and one from Samantha’s – was a heartfelt moment for all, as two families became one!

Reception time was a blast. Whenever I see The Wedding DJ Company I know the night will go smoothly. After the first dances, Sam changed into dress number two. I thought this was a nice way to end the evening in more relaxed attire.  After sunset photos it was time to say good bye to the newlyweds. A flower petal send off was scheduled! This was a perfect way to end this vintage garden wedding. Congratulations Samantha & JD on your wedding day. I had so much fun capturing all these magical moments.

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  1. you did a amazing job, of before the wedding, during and afterwards, what a great wedding day it was.. it made so many people happy enjoying it. i will never forget how it made me feel so good to share it..

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