Steve and Megan’s Northern California Wedding

What a beautiful wedding to kick off the 2016 wedding season. I am so excited to share Steve & Megan’s wedding day, a beautiful Northern California wedding ceremony held in the groom’s family church, St Mel’s Catholic Church in Fair Oaks, California.

Before photographing their day, I was looking back at our time together at Lake Tahoe for their engagement session and noticed that Steve could not take his eyes off of his bride-to-be. The wedding day was no different – from the moment he saw his bride come down that aisle the smile was radiating on his cheeks. I am in awe with the love these two share.

After the intimate ceremony, the newlyweds were introduced as husband and wife into their reception where DJ Nett was ready to get the party going. Many of the details were handmade which always adds a personal touch. After dinner, catered by Hannibals, toasts were given, first dances were danced and cake was cut. Plus, I was so excited to find a cute wall and fountain on the side of St Mels Parish Hall for some more romantics of the bride and groom.

To top off the night we made it out just in time for sunset photos. The final sun rays of the 1st day of the rest of their lives as husband and wife was the perfect way to say, “Goodnight,” and complete this Northern California wedding gorgeously. Congratulations, Steve and Megan, I wish you a lifetime of happiness!


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