Lake Tahoe Family Portrait Session – Jonathan & Paulina’s 10 year Wedding Anniversary

Jonathan & Paulina said “I-do!” 10 years ago in South Lake Tahoe on The Tahoe Queen. For their 10 year wedding anniversary, they decided to revisit the beautiful place they were married and have their family portraits taken. I was thrilled to be their photographer during such an amazing time in their lives.

Because the family would be traveling, Paulina and I exchanged multiple emails and created a game plan – I knew we were going to have a fun family portrait session. Ten year wedding anniversary was the perfect reason for family portraits! We photographed along the dock of where they were staying then made our way to another beach for sunset. The kids were full of energy and loved playing in the water. Lake Tahoe didn’t disappoint us with a sunset either.

I am so thankful to have met and photographed this amazing family. Congratulations, Jonathan & Paulina, on your 10 year wedding anniversary. I look forward to photographing your beautiful family again!

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