Lifestyle Pet Photography – The Bartels Family

When it comes to family portraits, we must never forget about those loving pets of ours. The star of this lifestyle pet photography session is a sweet, loving golden retriever named Maddie. Maddie was recently diagnosed with an untreatable heart-based tumor. When Kathy contacted me about this sad news, I was looking forward to help capture some moments with this amazing family and their beautiful fur babies!

We decided Five Mile in Bidwell Park, Chico, would be a great location for photos. Since it is hot in Chico during the summer, we wanted to let the dogs swim after getting some portraits of the kids and their dogs as well as mom, dad and the entire family!

Thank you to the Bartels family for having me photograph your fur babies in this lifestyle pet photography session!

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  1. Awesome photos! I’m sorry about your precious fur baby, Princess Maddie. We love you all. Enjoy every moment.

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