Nick & Laura’s Truckee Engagement Session

There is something so incredibly magical about growing up in a small town. Your entire life can be intertwined with another individual and all you need is a little fate to bring you together. Nick and Laura are both from the beautiful small town of Truckee, but it wasn’t until after high school and college that their paths united. Lucky for me, I get the honor of capturing their love in this stunning Truckee engagement session.

A calm Donner Lake and the fresh snow in the mountains was the perfect background for engagement photos on Old 40. For the second half of our session, we went down to the east end of the lake to get the last hint of sun rays. The light was so gorgeous and as the sun went down the behind the mountains I thought, what a perfect touch to this Truckee engagement session.

Congratulations, Nick and Laura, on your engagement. I am so excited to capture your love story during this amazing journey of your life.


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