Blast from the Past – Nevada Day in Virginia City 2014

Since I moved back to the Tahoe area, I have loved to see the community gather for different events. Last year I had the opportunity to photograph one of these events, Nevada Day in Virginia City! So I figured for this year’s Nevada Day I would put together some of my favorite photos from the event.

Last year, Nevada celebrated it’s 150th birthday with an array of events throughout the state. When I was asked to photograph part of Nevada Day in Virginia City, I was bursting with excitement. Many of the attendees of the event were dressed in era costumes and looked amazing. Plus, we were joined by a few dignitaries: Abe Lincoln, Mark Twain and later on in the evening we were joined by Sarah Winnemucca.  And yes we were dressed up as well:) This was really a unique thing to see, it was as though I was stepping back in time.

My Day began at the Gold Hill Train Depot. This building was so unique with authentic signatures from people who were waiting for the train, in the prime days of Virgina City, flooded the walls of the depot. Newly renovated, this historical building was open to those who bought tickets for the reception of the unveiling of a Steven Saylor’s Painting, “Nine Cheers for the Silver State”. We were able to get a glimpse of the painting before it was unveiled for a few detail photos.

After the reception and the unveiling of the painting, people loaded back onto the train then headed to the the streets of Virginia city for the parade. My primary mission for the night was to take studio portraits inside the Opera House for the Masquerade Ball. It was such a fabulous scene. As people entered into the Opera House, I was able to grab them for a fun portrait in their costumes. A live band played era music while a dance leader instructed people in how to do different dances of the day. There was also a silent auction with all proceeds going to the Comstock Foundation. The entire event was so much fun to photograph and everyone that was their was obviously enjoying themselves.

Happy 151’st Birthday Nevada! I am sure this year is going to be as amazing if not better than last!

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